Software Development

Although we specialise in iOS, OSX and Web, we won't shy away from trying something new. Here's a peek into some of our past projects:

Apricot Audio is an advanced audio player for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Designed to aid you in your daily commute, it analyses the background noise of your environment and raises or lowers your music's volume so you don't miss a beat. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even customise the mathematical equations that determine the adjustments to be made.

Like to hear what you hear? Download Apricot Audio for free

TVSlides will be the talk of your next event. Search for your event's hashtag, and watch everyone's images appear on the big screen. You could even set it up in your office's foyer to show clients what your company gets up to. There's also a way to show images that users have posted from a particular location - great for city landmarks.

Sadly, in June 2016 Instagram changed the requirements around their API usage and deemed that TVSlides is not suitable for end users. We have removed TVSlides from the Apple TV Store

LearnMe helps you study on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Create a subject and enter some questions, or import questions from a spreadsheet. LearnMe will then ask you questions from selected subjects throughout the day. You can even generate a quick quiz, or share questions with your friends.

Ready to be ready for your next test? Download LearnMe for free